There Were Three Sides To Telling This Story

At just about five to seven in the evening, the audiobook production odyssey ended at Cybersound Studios, ending where it began 278 days earlier. The last words spoken at this session, were “The End”. However, this was just the ending of the tale of Sean, Trey, and Madeline, the isosceles triangle. For the people involved in the process, it was the continuation, or beginnings of collaborative bonds.

Stay tuned to this page and elsewhere where you just might hear about some exciting new projects. There were 44 people involved in this project, and each of them has a wealth of talent, intelligence, and drive to see their creative and non-creative paths move forward. I cannot wait to read about, or to help, or to be a part of whatever is next for them. I appreciate all of them, my incredible cast and crew of Isosceles, for we all performed as an equilateral triangle with three equal sides of skill, collaboration, and support.