When he finds his best friend Trey Goodsby dead and almost completely submerged in a bathtub filled with bloody water, Sean McIntyre is determined to find out if it was an accident or suicide. If it was suicide, why did he do it? And, did his death have anything to do with Madeline Edwards, the woman who came between them constantly through their thirteen-year friendship?

Isosceles, a coming-of-age mystery romance begins with the death of Trey Goodsby, and explores his relationships with family, friends, his romances, and which of the circumstances he found himself in that led to the tragic event, and the repercussions for those he left behind.



Scott CaseleyIn August, 2021, Scott decided it was the right time to make good on a goal he had for a number of years. He traveled to the storied Cybersound Studios on Newbury Street in Boston, Massachusetts to record the narration for his Young Adult (YA) novel, Isosceles. The process was three days long, but only the beginning. While his character was the story’s protagonist looking back on his life from the age of 6-20, he knew he didn’t just want his voice to tell the tale. Inside the pages, there were approximately 50 speaking parts, and Scott was determined to cast them all.

First, he approached three people he knew from previous collaborations about playing roles. The first was the versatile improviser and former stand up comic, Mike Cox to play the main character’s father, “Pop”. Cox began an online pun fun extravaganza to help people cope during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, in which the two men constantly swap host and participant roles on a weekly basis. The second individual contacted was Judy Jerome, the star of Scott’s first film, “Trust Fall” whom had in the years since that project gone on to do numerous films and theatrical productions in New York City where she lived and would play the role of Wanda McIntyre, Sean’s mother remotely.

The third and final performer that Scott talked to was David d’Arville, a musical theater veteran whom played a enigmatic character who was possessed by a ghost and spoke in three accents in “Polter-Heist”, the play Scott directed and would portray Bill, the tough but vulnerable father of Madeline Edwards.

Once these three roles were cast, Scott placed an ad on social media to reach members of the community for ImprovBoston and Perry Geyer, the generous and supportive Cybersound owner would also talk to people he knew to see if they would like to audition for a part. Almost immediately, resumes and reels came in to flood the inbox designated for applicants. Auditions were held on Zoom with participants sent sides on the day of, typically when they “came in” for a reading.

Before long, the roles started to become filled with people with varying levels of voiceover experience but what they all had in common was a goal to get forth the moments on the pages and bring their characters out of the imagination of Scott and into the ears of listeners. Whether an individual had one line or hundreds, they wanted the same thing, to be present, to give the storytelling an earnestness. When they recoded their lines in the studio, or in their homes, everyone would support one another.

This was especially crucial where two of the main characters, Sean and Trey were each  played by a woman, Susie Frisch for Sean and Clairees Luree for Trey from the ages of 6-12, then from 16 on by Joseph Szafarowicz as Sean and Nate Haskell as Trey. Because both roles were embodied by two performers each, they would have conversations with their counterparts moderated by Scott.

Equally as impressive as the feat of them matching their performances with their younger/older selves, the highly-skilled Jess Cashin played Madeline Edwards from 6-20, and while she would alter her voice depending on how old the character was in a given scene she would imbue certain character ticks so the reader would always know it was the same person being portrayed.

Mai Delapa was a client at Cybersound recording ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) for an episode of “Creepshow”, a Shudder streaming series was told about Isosceles by Perry. She auditioned and got the role of Mrs. Grace Goodsby, the sweet, but strong mother of the troubled Trey. Mai, who once played an uncredited role as a Jedi in “Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones” had the Force strong within her as she masterfully recorded all of her lines in various parts of the book in just about an hour.

Kayleigh Kane, an actress of the stage and screen, who also co-owns a theater company, teaches improv, and wears multiple other hats was the voices of four separate characters in the piece. Newcomer Jonathan Manheim plays five roles masterfully and many on hand in the studio were surprised it was his first project. Many other performers would play double duty on the mic. Some, would do dual roles, behind the scenes as editors or interns would also go on the mic to say a line or two. One major role in the production was Hardy Green, who is unpredictable and more complex than meets the eye. He was played by Sound Engineer/Co-Producer, Mike Midura.

There are so many other voices that this page could not possibly tell you backgrounds on all of them. However, we have compiled a list of all of the cast and crew so far, because Scott believes very firmly that this project is not his, for everyone who worked on it in the studio or recorded their lines remotely in New York City, Richmond, Virginia, or LaPorte, Indiana, this project is all of theirs.

This camaraderie was never more evident as it was on Friday, May 13, 2022 when the last touches were put into place on the audiobook project. Mike and Scott were in Studio A at Cybersound. Joining them in the room were a few notable collaborators; Perry Geyer, Ryan S. Adams, Clayton Rogers, and Michael Cotton. They offered support and feedback as they constantly did throughout the process whenever they were in the studio.

All totaled, there were 44 people who lent various talents on the mic playing 78 different roles including a decent number who performed in at least one behind the scenes position. The total runtime is approximately 6 hours and 45 minutes, within minutes of Perry’s original educated guess based on his deep knowledge of the business of recording and only the novel’s word count to go on.

To learn more about the production, Mike and Scott created two featurettes down below. You can also see many pictures of the process and the expanse of the enormous cast and crew performing their roles in the stellar surroundings of Cybersound, or in their home studios. And, please take a few moments to see all the names of the individuals in the aforementioned cast and crew list.

The story started with Scott, and it was his directing that guided the story. But, it came to life with all of those who worked alongside him. In an isosceles triangle, at least two sides are equal with one side coming up short. However, in Isosceles the audiobook, all were equally important, and Scott never wanted anyone to feel they were coming up short.

Capturing Performances In-Studio, and Remotely: An Isosceles Audiobook Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

This behind the scenes featurette is an informal conversation between Engineer/Co-Producer Mike Midura and Scott R. Caseley, Writer/Co-Producer/Director. It covers both the engineer and director’s unique points-of-view about the steps taken to record performers playing their parts in-studio or remotely.

Creating Multi-genre Soundtrack to Complement Performances and Narration in the Isosceles Audiobook

Engineer/Co-Producer Mike Midura and Writer/Co-Producer/Director Scott R. Caseley discuss the process by which music is added to the audiobook production of Isosceles. They cover the technical and creative process of building an organic soundtrack featuring songs in various genres such as techno, country, pop, heavy metal, elevator music and more. Each track has the same goal to complement the forty-four voice actors’ performances and adding layers to descriptions of tone, theme, plot points, or in a few key places, the locations. It’s all about serving the story, and to not overwhelm it, in focused heightened reality just as the performers were directed to do, either in-studio, or remotely when they portrayed the countless speaking roles populating the world of the novel.

David d’Arville (left) and Joseph Szafarowicz play different sides of their characters, Bill and Sean play that neither typically show to others in the rest of the book.
Tina Wolstencroft, a highly skilled narrator, came up to Boston from Providence to play Dr. Catherine Amico, who plays a pivotal role in Sean and Trey's lives at the very beginning of our story.
Engineer/Co-Producer Mike Midura highlights the lines of dialogue for the performers so they can work their magic and bring them to life in an adjacent recording booth.
Cybersound Engineer Rob Whitaker graciously filled in for one recording session while Mike Midura was on tour with the band Space Junk is Forever. He’s on the boards while Scott R. Caseley is directing Jess Cashin and Joseph Szafarowicz during a dramatic scene outside a hospital.
A little downtime between the scenes as cast members, Joseph Szafarowicz (Sean, ages 16-20), Jess Cashin (Madeline), Nate Haskell (Trey, ages 16-19), David d’Arville (Bill), and Lisa Descheneau (Outspoken Mourner) lounge a bit in the comfortable chairs inside Cybersound’s waiting room. Given the studio’s legendary history going back to 1994, one might wonder who sat in those seats before them.
Jess Cashin (Madeline) and Joseph Szafarowicz (Sean, ages 16-20) share a moment of laugher while awaiting Engineer Rob Whitaker to let them know if the take they had just recorded worked from a technical standpoint.
That's a wrap on day one with Susie Frisch, Clairees Luree, and Mike Cox.
Introducing one of the lead performers Susie Frisch (Sean, ages 6-12) to her co-star Judy Jerome (Wanda), who would record her performance in New York City while Susie did hers at Cybersound sometimes weeks apart.
Internet pen pals for many years because of a shared interest in the Kevin Smith film, “Chasing Amy”, but have never met in person. Over the years, he’s heard samples of Amanda Hull’s incredible acting and singing in various theater productions, and knew they’d have to collaborate at some point. The audiobook provided an opportunity for this to happen. From LaPorte, Indiana, she recorded her lines for two pivotal roles that leave a lasting impact on Sean and Trey's lives.
Susan Polivy as Maddie’s Concerned Friend, Sean’s Fan, Maddie’s Faux Fan, Fireworks Frustrated Fanatic, Girl on Escalator #2
Yael Hayem as Maddie’s Concerned Friend, Priya’s Friend, Maddie’s Biggest Fan, Girl on Escalator #1
Talla Kamyab as Delilah, the Friendly Clerk at Maghan’s
Charlie Cooper as Roller World Announcer
Colleen Nachtrieb as Principal Norris, DJ Patty Coolbear, Tyffany Meyers, and Amy Manheim, RN
Folk singer Sage Nizhoni plays Purple Hater #1
Sorry Mom drummer Taryn Gangi plays the droll Super Shoppers Announcer
Atomic Guava Lead Singer Ellie Hull as Priya seen here scoffing at Trey not seen for something.
Nick Lancellotti does the play-by-play as the Oakes High School Sportscaster.
Co-Stanza Engineer and Producer Ryan S. Adams who created some fun audiobook tracks with Mike Midura stepped behind the mic as Purple Hater #2.
Atomic Guava guitarist Martin Gonzalez as Annoyed Dude in Hallway.
Mike Midura, who is also Atomic Guava’s xylosynth player and guitarist lent his musical skills to create or co-created all the audiobook music tracks. Here he’s finding the right beats of loneliness heard over the speakers of a nearly empty mall.
Anthony Speros as Free Samples Guy in Food Court
Engineer/Co-Producer Mike Midura uses the lighting controls in Studio A at Cybersound to create a foley effect to resemble a doorknob in a pivotal scene.
Midura looks at a monitor where a page from the book is displayed to tell him what the scene requires for sound effects to be created by using objects from his ‘foley bag of tricks’ and even a few items around Cybersound.
Midura plays with a wad of water paper towels to make it a spitball in Sean’s imagination with a bit of foley effect magic.
Midura tears a piece of paper that will be transformed into a oatmeal packet in the audiobook with some foley artistry.
Ryan S. Adams co-creates and plays a rock theme for a location known as Bowler World along with Mike Midura.
Mike Midura co-creates and plays the rock theme for Bowler World with Ryan S. Adams.
While Scott R. Caseley “punches” or re-records narration, Mike Midura stitches it into place on the audiobook timeline using ProTools in Studio B at Cybersound.
Cybersound Owner Perry Geyer sets up Studio A for day one with the cast on October 1, 2021, that would feature the not-pictured performers, Susie Frisch, Clairees Luree, Mai Delapa, and Mike Cox.
Mike Midura watches in admiration as Mai Delapa (Grace Goodsby) excels in shifting her character's different moods and moments by herself while acting in scenes that have anywhere from 3 to 5 other performers that will be added in another time, including one that was recorded off-site weeks later.
Mai Delapa and Perry Geyer stand with confidence at the end of a successful first day. However, for Mai, it was her only day as she delivered all of her Grace Goodsby lines in one afternoon.
RIAA Gold Certified Audio Engineer Justin Sheriff as Uncle Dewey.
Ever Collette who played two teenage girls who had a conversation together Teenage Girl #1 and Teenage Girl #2) stands with Perry Geyer and Mai at the end of day one.
Clairees Luree and Susie Frisch discussing how they will differentiate their voices as Trey Goodsby (ages, 6-12) and Sean McIntyre (ages, 6-12) from one another before beginning the recording session on their first day.
Tina Wolstencroft delivers her character Dr. Amico’s words of warning and wisdom to Sean McIntyre and Trey Goodsby.
Bridget Copes performed double duty as Emergency Dispatcher and the Taunting Little Kid at Batting Cages.
A fond memory is recalled by Sean McIntyre performed by Joseph Szafarowicz.
Scott R. Caseley directs Nate Haskell (Trey Goodsby, ages 16-19) how to externalize the inner feelings of turmoil locked within the character.
The Writer/Director and one of his triangles; Joseph Szafarowicz, Nate Haskell, and Jess Cashin.
Scott R. Caseley gives direction to Joseph Szafarowicz (Sean, ages 16-20), Jess (Madeline), and David d’Arville (Bill) for a very difficult scene emotionally.
Mike Cox and Anna Waldron who plays Denise Marple ham it up between scene set-ups.
Anna Waldron watches a scene being recorded before her turn at the mic.
Joseph Szafarowicz and Nate Haskell discuss their roles as best friends Sean and Trey and all they have been through leading up to the part we find them at sixteen picking up from where Susie Frisch and Clairees Luree left off the characters at the age of twelve.
ImprovBoston friends Joseph Szafarowicz and Mike Cox share a dramatic moment where much is revealed about a pair of enigmatic characters while still maintaining a stoic demeanor.. for the most part.
Mike Midura highlights the lines of dialogue before beginning a recording session with multiple performers.
Joseph Szafarowicz in a scene where Sean reveals what he does and does not know about Madeline.
Mike Midura with his ‘in the zone’ face as Joseph stands poised to begin a new day in Studio A at Cybersound.
Jess Cashin as Madeline Edwards.
Joseph Szafarowicz as Sean McIntyre (ages 16-20).
Susie Frisch as Sean McIntyre (ages 6-12).
Clairees Luree as Trey Goodsby (ages 6-12).
Kayleigh Kane as Raspy Voice, Peggy, Ms. Manganello, and Evie Webster.
Ashley Carleton in the booth to record her lines as GPS Voice.
Ange Gisiger as Bratty Kid on Bus.
Anna Waldron as Denise Marple.
Nate Haskell as Trey Goodsby (ages 16-19).
Nate Haskell as Trey Goodsby (ages 16-19) and Laura Jillian Gray as Aunt Josie and Candy/Veronica.
Lauren Duke as Booger Boy, Gene Cochran, and Kirby Jilette.
Jonathan Manheim as Sal Goodsby, Roller World Clerk, Bowler World Clerk, the Elderly Customer, and Andy the Letter Carrier.
Laurel George in Richmond, Virginia remotely recording her role of Mrs. Haggerty, a teacher who subtly shows Sean how to deal with bullies.
Joseph Szafarowicz as Sean (ages 16-20) and Anna Waldron as Denise Marple.
Sylvan Pappalardo as Excited Little Kid at Batting Cages and Rusty.
Donnie Brown as Candy’s Boyfriend.
Clayton Rogers as Mike the Mechanic.
Melancholy/Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop Artist, Stephon Joseph as Fireworks Fanatic.
Kayleigh Kane as Raspy Voice, Peggy, Ms. Manganello, Evie Webster, and Ashley Carleton as Belayer, GPS Voice adding some gasps to a scene that begins the friendship between two characters and giggles for a scene that deepens another friendship later in the book.
Judy Jerome as the dynamic character of Wanda McIntyre née Jackson. This role was her second collaboration with Scott R. Caseley, who had previously directed and co-starred with her in the feature film, “Trust Fall” back when they were students at Franklin Pierce.
Sam Milinazzo as Mr. Carter, Domenic Guiseppe Lorenzo Alvin, Colorful Fireworks Fanatic, and Elderly Pedestrian.
Zach Thompson pictured here during a recording session not associated with the audiobook at Berklee College of Music played Joe the security guard who worked the gate at a fateful location known as Seasons Pass Apartments.

ISOSCELES AUDIOBOOK: Cast in Order of Appearance

Sean McIntyre (ages 16-20): Joseph Szafrarowicz

Emergency Dispatcher: Bridget Copes

George “Pop” McIntyre: Mike Cox

Bratty Kid on Bus: Ange Gisiger

Alexandra D’Onofrio: Amanda Hull

Mr. Carter: Sam Milinazzo

Sean McIntyre (ages 6-12): Susie Frisch

Mrs. and later Principal Norris: Colleen Nachtrieb

Wanda McIntyre née Jackson: Judy Jerome

Booger Boy: Lauren Duke

Madeline Edwards: Jess Cashin

Trey Goodsby (ages 6-12): Clairees Luree

Madeline’s Concerned Friend: Susan Polivy

Raspy Voice: Kayleigh Kane

Dr. Amico’s Belly Laugh: Talla Kamyab

Dr. Catherine Amico: Tina Wolstencroft

Mrs. Grace Goodsby: Mai Delapa

Sal Goodsby: Jonathan Manheim

Teenage Girl #1: Ever Collette

Teenage Girl #2: Ever Collette

Peggy: Kayleigh Kane

Mr. Albert Lavoie: Perry Geyer

Sportscaster: Nick Lancellotti

Mrs. Haggerty: Laurel George

Gene Cochran: Lauren Duke

Kirby Jilette: Lauren Duke

Sean’s Fight Fan: Susan Polivy

Domenic Giuseppe Lorenzo Alvin: Sam Milinazzo

Bill Edwards: David d’Arville

Belayer: Ashley Carleton

Bill’s Doting Double: Charlie Cooper

Roller World Clerk: Jonathan Manheim

Roller World Clerk’s Scratchy Throat: Zach Thompson

Roller World Announcer: Charlie Cooper

Aunt Josie: Laura Jillian Gray

Uncle Dewey: Justin Sheriff

Annoyed Dude in Hallway: Martin Gonzalez

Trey Goodsby (ages 16-19): Nathan Haskell

Ms. Manganello: Kayleigh Kane

Tyffany Meyers: Colleen Nachtrieb

Prom DJ Patty Coolbear: Colleen Nachtrieb

Amy Manheim, RN: Colleen Nachtrieb

Madeline’s Biggest Fan: Yael Hayem

Madeline’s Faux Fan: Susan Polivy

Grinning Greeter at Pierre’s: Michael Cotton

Excited Little Kid at Batting Cages: Sylvan Pappalardo

Supportive Dad at Batting Cages: Perry Geyer

Taunting Little Kid at Batting Cages: Bridget Copes

Delilah, Ice Cream Clerk at Maghan’s Place: Talla Kamyab

Priyā, Irritated Girl at Ice Cream Stand: Ellie Hull

Priyā’s Friend: Yael Hayem

Hardy Green: Mike Midura

Trey’s Grunt Double: Ryan S. Adams

GPS Voice: Ashley Carleton

Denise Marple: Anna Waldron

Bowler World Clerk: Jonathan Manheim

Purple Hater #1: Sage Nizhoni

Purple Hater #2: Ryan S. Adams

Candy/Veronica: Laura Jillian Gray

Candy’s Boyfriend: Donnie Brown

Elderly Customer: Jonathan Manheim

Mike, the Mechanic: Clayton Rogers

Food Court Vendor: Anthony Speros

Girl on Escalator: Yael Hayem

Girl on Escalator 2: Susan Polivy

Rusty: Sylvan Pappalardo

Andy, letter carrier: Jonathan Manheim

Evie Webster: Kayleigh Kane

Fireworks Fanatic: Stephon Joseph

Frustrated Fireworks Fanatic: Susan Polivy

Colorful Fireworks Fanatic: Sam Milinazzo

Super Shoppers Announcer: Taryn Gangi

Super Shoppers Service Desk Clerk: Susie Frisch

Joe at Seasons Pass Apartments Gate: Zach Thompson

Traffic Reporter: Yael Hayem

Elderly Pedestrian: Sam Milinazzo

Outspoken Mourner: Lisa Descheneau

Amelia: Amanda Hull

Narrator: Scott R. Caseley


Edited by

Perry Geyer
Mike Midura
Taryn Gangi
Sam Milinazzo
Ever Collette
Ryan S. Adams

Original Music By
Mike Midura
Ryan S. Adams

Sound Effects Team
Mike Midura
Ever Collette
Nick Lancellotti
Sylvan Pappalardo

Production Assistants
Ryan S. Adams
Ever Collette
Michael Cotton
Sylvan Pappalardo
Clayton Rogers
Zach Thompson

Mike Midura

Writer, Producer, and Director
Scott R. Caseley

Recorded at
Cybersound Studios, Boston, Massachusetts
LaPorte, Indiana
New York City, New York
Richmond, Virginia

Produced and mixed 
at Cybersound Studios in Boston, Massachusetts


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