Larry’s Home Video

“Larry’s Home Video”
c. 2003

The DVD case for Larry’s Home Video.

Writer/Producer/Director Scott R. Caseley with his
two leads, Robert J. Lalime (Larry) and Cristina
Cammarata (Lisa) at the premiere on November 3,
2007 in Derry, New Hampshire.

Robert J. Lalime (Larry) arrives at the theater.

Larry (Robert J. Lalime) and Lisa (Cristina
Cammarata) fan the flames of jealousy in Kurt.

Daddy-o (Eric M. Lalonde) has an
ultimatum to deal with Larry’s (Robert J.
Lalime) post-graduation apathy.

Kurt (Jeremy Banks) has had it with Larry
(Robert J. Lalime).

Like many other filmmakers, I dreamt that my first film would be all it took to make it to the big time. I was so sure that Trust Fall would ensure me a ticket to Hollywood that I foolishly did not pursue an internship. After collecting my degree, harsh reality set in, and I had to find a job. In my last semester, I started up working at a video store. While it didn’t lead me t have my name in lights, it ended up being a very transformative experience for me.

I met my best friend Rob there, and showed him a copy of Trust Fall, which he told me he adored. He soon became adamant that I needed to make another film. I flirted with various ideas and nothing was really coming out that was cost-effective on a video store clerk’s income. Then, an unlikely event gave me inspiration, a medical emergency.

One night, while closing up the store for the night, my stomach began to ache. By the next morning, my father determined that it was likely appendicitis. We rushed to the hospital, and sure enough, his assessment was accurate. Following the surgery, we were informed that my timing had been truly lucky, because my appendix had ruptured. This chilling revelation was all the incentive I needed to start writing right away, and the first draft was complete in under a week.

The story focused on a guy named Larry, who like many others feels like he is going nowhere after graduation. His situation was driven by two forces within him that he felt were in conflict with each other; a desire to become a successful filmmaker and nightmares about his own murder. He directed a movie in college that he was convinced would bring him fame and fortune. On the night before his premiere, his film got destroyed and his all-consuming passion was shattered along with it.

After graduating, he sits around watching movies all day and hangs out with his best friend Kurt. His apathetic approach to life causes his father to give him an ultimatum to get a job or he’s out of the house. To placate him, but to also keep him in the house so his haunting dream won’t be realized, he ends up opening a video store in his living room. His store becomes the unlikely rival to a bigger outfit in town. The owner’s daughter Lisa comes to check out Larry’s store. They hit it off and go on a date. Before long, she convinces him to make another movie, and this alienates him from Kurt, who mistrusts Lisa for some unknown reason.


This excerpt is a scene between Larry and Kurt. Larry has just procured funding for his second film project, and is excited to begin production. His best pal though, doesn’t share the same enthusiasm.




Larry and Kurt stand in the middle of the room with all the VHS tapes and DVDs neatly on the shelves of the three rolling racks that made up his store, but with more space available between each rack making it more practical for the eventual actors and extensive film equipment for his production. Larry holds a small camcorder and is smiling looking into the viewfinder. Kurt watches him unamused.



Sweet piece of hardware man, eh?



Can’t believe you’re finally going through

with it.



I know, right? I bet you never thought I’d get off my la—



How’s it feel to be pussy whipped?


LARRY (putting camcorder down)

Got something to say?



No, why, do you?



You got something to say, Lewin, why don’t

you just say it?



Lewin? What’s with this Lewin shit?



It’s your last name, or did you forget?



Yeah, well, no s–t. But… you never

call me that.


Look, what I’m trying to say is,

this bitch has changed you.



She has a name.


Fine. I’m sorry… Lisa. Or, do you

just call her Morello now?



Will you just stop being a dick

and just tell me what’s going on?



Oh, that’s rich. I’m being a dick?


He laughs; Larry’s eyes turn to stone.



Yeah, you are.



All right, Lisa’s nothin’ but trouble.



Where the h–l you get off saying something

like that? You don’t even know her.


KURT (poking Larry on the forehead)

Dude, she’s like some sort of mental ninja

getting into your head to play fuckin’ mind

games with you.



No, she’s not. She looks out for me.


Something that you’ve never done.


Kurt turns to Larry.


Excuse me?



You heard me. Name one friggin’ time

you did something for me.



I drove you everywhere.



Yeah, everywhere you wanted to go…

you wanted to go. And, you gave

a blow-up doll shotgun. How do you

think that made me feel? Did you

ever ask? Did you even care?



Look, when you were in college, and

you were making your film, who stood

by you? Oh, that’s right… me.

(imitating Larry) I’m sorry, man, I can’t

hang out with you. I got to

shoot more footage, I got to go edit.

I was the one who was there.

And, when you finished your damned film,

and didn’t invite me to the premiere…

Guess what? I went out… I took

your film… and I burned it in

your backyard, man.


For the first time in his life, Larry has nothing but pure hatred for his best friend.




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