When I was a kid, my dad took me to see The Empire Strikes Back and I got caught up in the visuals and sounds of filmmaking. Learning the craft of how to put a movie together became an all-consuming passion for many, many years. In college, I had a crush on a beautiful young lady, and I wanted to make a feature length movie and have her play the lead. I never got a chance to date her, but I did have a completed film called Trust Fall two years later. I went on to make two more films, Larry’s Home Video and Unconditional Love. Someday, I may direct again, but I will always write screenplays, there’s just something challenging and intriguing to me about figuring out what someone will say and what actions they will take in a variety of scenarios to be explored in a visual medium. – SRC



screenplay2 “Trust Fall”


screenplay3 “Larry’s Home Video”


screenplay1 “Unconditional Love”

Disclaimer: Trust Fall was originally shot in color in 1998 on an S-VHS camcorder. Sadly, over the years, the deterioration of the footage led to severe decline in the color of the footage, so Mr. Caseley made a decision to make the stills from the movie be in Black and White for use on this page.

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