isosceles-cover-smlWhen he finds his best friend Trey Goodsby dead and almost completely submerged in a bathtub filled with bloody water, Sean McIntyre is determined to find out if it was an accident or suicide. If it was suicide, why did he do it? And, did his death have anything to do with Madeline Edwards, the woman who came between them constantly through their thirteen-year friendship? Isosceles, a coming-of-age mystery romance begins with the death of Trey Goodsby, and explores his relationships with family, friends, his romances, and which of the circumstances he found himself in that led to the tragic event, and the repercussions for those he left behind.



“Scott R. Caseley does a masterful job capturing the angst and anguish inherent in adolescence—his characters struggle with families and friendship, love and loyalty, gaining self-confidence and facing possible self-destruction, surviving loss and eventually growing up through it all. Readers will enjoy the ride, and perhaps learn a little about themselves as well.” — David S. Brody, Boston Globe Bestselling author of Cabal of the Westford Knight

“Oh, where to begin on this epic tale of friendship, family, love and death…I think I’ll start with the three main characters of this contemporary tale. I was able to relate to each one and even saw bits of myself.” — The Writing Mama

“Isosceles hits a lot of difficult issues many teens face, bullying, social awkwardness, divorce, death of loved ones, drinking, stealing and sexual involvement. Each topic is handled in a way that is appropriate and doesn’t go into unnecessary detail for drama or mass effect. Kudos to the author! The foul language is used in dialogue just as a teen (when no parent or adult is in ear shot) would use it. The voice of each character is authentic and each scene is something many of us as adults have been in ourselves. A truly well done coming of age story with a bit of mystery and romance to top it all off. ” ***** — Families Matter

“In short, we feel Isosceles is a contemporary novel for anyone who loves literature. It’s beautifully written, the characters are deep, it engages the reader and causes us to think and reflect upon our own lives, fears, regrets and success.” — The World of Ink Network

“This novel pulled me into it. I was angry and frustrated at times. I ached for these kids and wept for their broken childhoods. The brutal nature of their experiences mixed with the horror of the outcome touched me as I read and I felt I knew these kids. The raw and unfettered nature of their language, their lives and their loves was masterfully accomplished as my heart was truly with these people and they lost their role as simply characters in a story.” — Writing Blind

“This is a character driven novel that will keep the reader glued to the story. The ending is very surprising. It was ending like no other. In fact the ending made me want to go back and reread the novel to fill in a few details. I’m sure readers of all ages will enjoy the book as much as I did.” 5 Stars. — Inspiring Books and Products for Kids

“Congratulations, Scott, for an interesting look into the problems and psychology of children and teens… The finer psychological points are revealed slowly throughout the story, so I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide which leg of the isosceles triangle was the short one.” — Stories a la Mode

“You have all heard the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but how often is this cliché true about a novel? Most the time we do judge a book by its cover as to whether we want to read it or not. We judge its genre by the cover, but sometimes we get an amazing story the cover just doesn’t reveal to us. Even a book blurb can mislead or only open a crack into the true story. This holds for Isosceles by Scott R. Caseley.” — Blog Critics



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“Hey bro, you almost done in there?” I yelled from my bed, not knowing if he could hear me through the bathroom door. When the tub faucet screeched to life, I assumed he didn’t. Though when you’ve known someone a long time, in particular, if you’ve been best friends for more than two-thirds of your lives, you have a tendency to take them for granted. Trey elected to take the first shower of the day after spending the night in my new apartment. It wouldn’t have been an issue, but that morning, my bladder started to pulsate the moment I woke up. I hoped, like me, he took quick showers. Otherwise, my mattress would be soiled, something which hadn’t happened since I stopped wetting the bed at the age of five.

Leaping out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom door, knocking three times. Trey did not respond. Instead of trying again right away, I pressed my ear on the door hearing water filling the tub. I could not believe him. Who takes a bath first thing in the morning? The nerve of the guy, didn’t he realize he was being inconsiderate? Agitated, I banged on the door with so much ferocity the hinges rattled.

“Trey, c’mon! I gotta go bad!” I held my crotch with one hand while trying the doorknob with the other. As I feared, he locked the door. The pain became so intense I could barely breathe. SPLASH! THUD! He got into the tub, apparently with a complete lack of concern for my well-being. I got down on my knees pleading, my voice barely over a whisper, “C’mon buddy, answer me.” My mind wandered to the dark side, letting fear take over. What if something happened to him? Suppose he slipped, fell, hit his head, maybe fractured his skull, or worse,died right there on the spot.
Like it or not, I needed to get in there. I gave the door a good shove, which

aggravated my right shoulder. Trying a second time garnered increased soreness. Five attempts, four fresh bruises, and three minutes later, I turned my already numb shoulder into a battering ram. The door swung open, but remained on the hinges. Relief for not causing any real damage to the door didn’t last long. I walked into the bathroom, uncovering a most surreal scene. I almost couldn’t bring myself to trust my eyes.

At first glance, he just appeared like a guy taking a bath, except his torso leaned forward with his head down. Though I stood at the doorway across the room from him, I could see his vacant eyes were focused on the bottom of the tub. The water became crimson red, my feet froze to the floor in mid-stride. I knew the inevitable happened. He had done it …taken his own life.

A green light flashed to my left. His cell sat blinking on the lid of the toilet tank. The screen read: Missed Call from Madeline Edwards.

Numbness crept over me; strength left my hand, though I needed to make a phone call. With a shaky index finger, I pressed the keys to dial 9-1-1. I pushed Send, followed by the Speaker button. “Yes, this is S-Sean McIntyre, Seasons Pass apartments, Unit 2, Apartment 21. My friend is in my bathtub …it’s filled with blood …He’s not moving …I think he’s dead.”

“Sit tight, sir. We’ll send someone right over. “ I pressed End, placing the phone back on the toilet.

The tub threatened to overflow at any moment, so I psyched myself up to reach into the bloody water to get to the faucet. While examining his lifeless face, I dropped my arm in, being mindful not to touch him. With an unsteady left hand, I turned off the faucet, but the dripping continued.

It sounded less like a natural plumbing problem, more akin to an ominous

heartbeat. With each drip, I wondered if death came swift or slow for him. Drip, five seconds? Drip, ten…twenty?

I returned to the doorway, studying him for a few moments, trying to figure out his reasons. My mind stopped investigating to re-enter the darkness, a small grin crept across my face. This wretched feeling of elation started to develop within until it consumed me.

It wasn’t because I sensed he thought this action would bring him lasting peace. Not entirely, anyway. No, it meant the long, suffering years of being his best friend were over. There would be no more competition between us, for he let me win at long last. What I won was an opportunity to live outside of his shadow for the first time ever. It made sense to believe it would remain that way until the day I myself would depart from this Earth. I wanted to thank the son of a bitch for it.



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