About Scott

Premiere for Larry’s Home Video – 2007

Guest speaker at Milton High School – 2008

Directing the documentary Unconditional
Love – 2008

Co-hosting The Jordan Rich Show
on WBZ Boston – 2013

Scott R. Caseley was born in Nashua, New Hampshire and raised in nearby Hudson by parents who encouraged him to follow his passions and dreams into reality “wherever it takes in this big world,” his mom used to say. They both taught him many things but from different perspectives; his father imparting knowledge about history and the importance the past has on the present and future while his mother showed him how to appreciate the artistic side of life. He is a graduate of Franklin Pierce University where he majored in Mass Communication with a concentration in Television Broadcasting and a minor in History. While in college, he co-wrote and co-directed a feature mystery film called, Trust Fall, for which he earned the Creative Achievement for Excellence in Mass Communication.

Following graduation, he spent the next several years working on various film projects and writing for an online film magazine called NewEnglandFilm.com. Primarily his time on set was spent behind the scenes and occasionally portraying bit parts on camera. Two highlights of this experience was writing and directing a psychological mystery feature called Larry’s Home Video, and co-writing and directing Unconditional Love, a documentary short about pet cemeteries. As a contributing writer for the magazine, he got to interview filmmakers of a diverse array of projects such as an animated political satire called Saul Goodman, a documentary covering the Invisible Children movement, and 41, about the youngest victim of the Station nightclub fire in Rhode Island.

It was Larry’s Home Video that led him to meet his editor Marni McNiff through a mutual contact. Initially, Scott sent a query to her for a screenplay he had written called Isosceles, a coming-of-age mystery about friendship, love, death, and everything in between. Ms. McNiff helped him with revisions and ultimately challenged Scott to turn it into a novel. Over the next several months, she helped him to shape his story into what it is now. It was picked up by MuseItUp Publishing in Montreal in the spring of 2012, and released worldwide in January of 2013 as an eBook to critical acclaim and will be released soon as a paperback. As part of the promotion of the novel, he took part in a virtual tour leading him to participate on blogs and websites across the globe, and co-hosted a radio show on Boston’s WBZ called The Jordan Rich Show.

Scott is currently hard at work on his new project, a character-driven political and psychological mystery. Each person in the tale is maneuvering about facing life’s biggest challenges as they did in Isosceles, but due to the nature of these new characters’ choices and/or professions, their struggles are faced in the public eye under the scrutiny of strangers as well as to the detriment of relationships with family and friends. The goal is for this book to become a first season of a television show for cable or a streaming service. To increase the chances of making this goal a reality, Scott plans on writing up episodic scripts once the novel gets picked up for publication.

Scott currently lives in New England, and whether or not this remains his home for the rest of his life, he feels that there are still many stories within him based in that area that he would like to share with the world. No matter the medium, film, television, tablets, or paperbound, his words will hopefully reach you wherever you are, because the world is certainly much smaller than it used to be.

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